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with colgate optic white toothpaste. it whitens over 2 shades more than a leading whitening toothpaste. so with colgate optic white, all you need to look fabulous is your smile. colgate optic white. whiter teeth in 1 week. >> >> you are watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high- definition. >> good afternoon everyone i am frank mallicoat >> i am michele griego, a fire along king street in san francisco is igniting a whole debate. the blaze along the on ramp was not reconstructive but as cate caugurian tells us, it is not the fire but the people living down below the roadway that investigators now have their eye on. >> that is exactly right.
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this morning chp says that this fire did cause some traffic problems but it highlighted another issue, one that you can see for yourself, you can see these homeless camps continuously popping up underneath this major stretch of traffic and chp says that one of these camps is where the fire started, that small fire is raising bigger concerns in this growing community. >> it is very dangerous. they kick them out two weeks ago and they came back two days later. >> the fifth street on rant is a major commuting spot. the area below the on ramp is also a hot spot for the homeless to take refuge. >> and password was off the beaten track and people could be here sort of out of sight and out of mind. where there are families and kids and other people coming and going. >> chp says that this is one of the top locations for homeless clinic in the city, a patrol here on a regular basis cleaning
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up the area twice per month. this morning's fire serves as an example of why. >> it is common for fires to occur in homeless encampments. we are addressing this issue, we have officers patrolling and we do a clean up every other week. >> they say that i have a homeless outreach team that stops by regularly to offer shelter to homeless and services to get the homeless on their feet but campers say there are simply not enough resources for everyone. >> why sleep in a $120,000 house when you consider under $3 million bridge? >> the city is looking for new ways to help the homeless and keep the area clean, caltrans in conjunction with the city is now working to develop a fence to keep the homeless out for good. >> an incident like today obviously gives us a renewed focus on getting people to except services and accept the fact that this is going to change, there will be offense. and you will not be able to cut
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it and people will have to do something different. >> crank and michelle, you're looking at the current stretch of the on ramp for the fire started, just in time that we have been here we have seen the homeless population leave the site as soon as chp and firefighters and city leaders came to clean up the area. once they all left, the homeless population have since returned. and, the campers that we spoke to your say that id is a yo-yo effect and they say that for now it will continue to return. we are live in san fransisco, cbs 5. >> an important place in the south bay injured one firefighter and left a dozen people homeless. the fire started at this apartment building in san jose around 4:30 a.m. and a firefighter suffered minor burn injuries, everyone in the building was able to get out including a woman on the second- floor who was woken up by her own dog. >> there is a little shed at right they're below the window. and, i tried to get her to jump
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out. she would not jump out so i had to jump back in there. >> a neighbor allowed san jose police officers to use his letter to get that woman and the dog out of the department to ensure its later handcuffed for not cooperating. investigators are now searching for the cause of that fire. >> a sexual predator may have struck again in palo alto, a woman jogging in a palo alto park around 7:00 a.m. says that a man grabbed her, they believed it is the same person who has touched women inappropriately in the past few weeks, in this case the assault when further. >> she was approached from behind by an unknown male, who bear hug her from behind, grab one of her breasts in the process and as she said, she felt as though he was starting to pull her down. >> the woman was able to scream and get away, the suspect ended up jogging off and the victim was not seriously hurt.
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the suspect is described as a middle eastern or hispanic man in his early 40's, about 5 ft. 9 in. with a medium build, the victim said that he looked like an average jogger. new details about a student's prized cello. we got off the phone with the san fransisco conservatory of music and tell us that the cello has been found so that is good news, the instrument similar to the one in this photograph, was taken sunday afternoon from a music students locker, it turned up around midnight but at this point no one is saying where. the father of the student posted these pictures on line of a couple that he thinks are the culprits. he says they entered the building empty handed and left with a cello. officers say that they're not connected with the school, that classical instrument is worth at least $11,000. >> chic-fil-a fast food chain has reportedly agreed to stop giving money to anti-gay organizations. the restaurant came under fire after president made his anti gay marriage stance clear back in july, followed by a lot of
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backlash, as you may remember, including boycotts. today chicago-based civil-rights group says the company agreed to stop giving money to have a great day groups. chic-fil-a has confirmed that. the board for the california state university system approved a big plan today to increase tuition by five percent. that is this proposition 30 fails to pass this coming november. the measure, which was approved by gov. jerry brown, would increase state sales and income tax and helps fund california schools. failure to pass proposition 30 would trigger a $50 million budget cut to 23 campus systems. the clock is ticking for an east bay animal shelter, homes are needed right now for some very special residence. ann mackovic is here with the renovation project that is pushing them out. >> they have been wanting to get out of here and into a real home since there were books but now they need to go. by the end of tomorrow, the valley humane society will get
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all new flooring because this >> because it pits that are trapping dirt and bacteria. not a good thing for the health of the animals. >> the animals have to go until it is replaced, 35 have found permanent or foster homes, but there are a few like chance who are more difficult to place. >> many of the challenges of an animal special needs is that they need to be in the home with no other animal and frequently they need to be in a home with an analyst transpersonal. >> i was thinking how we have no idea how we will find temporary homes to 40 animals. it is tough just finding homes for kittens and puppies. >> she is one of the committed staff members volunteering to take in leftover animals but since the shelter will be close for two weeks there will be a lack of animal services in contra costa county that could have a ripple effect on other shelters. >> we are trying to get this done as soon as possible so that we can find animals wonderful homes.
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>> if you are interested in fostering or adopting, the valley humane society will be open tomorrow between noon and 7:00. >> space shuttle endeavor is nearly halfway done with its last voyage. the famous aircraft making a historic trip to the west coast, the shuttle leaving west florida. on top of a 747, finishing its first leg of a three day tour. the spacecraft has a layover in houston. it will land in los angeles on friday where will go on display at a museum but not before decreasing the bay area skies around 8:30 a.m. friday. >> b of a details online viewing locations and times, go to cbs sf .com/shuttle. show us the money, the big winners on forbes' new list of the most wealthy people in the united states. >> and it war of words on the campaign trail, why mitt romney will not apologize for controversial comments that are now going spiral. >> the newsstand of the bay bridge where caltrans and its
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contractors have its heaviest and most challenging move of this bridge going on right now. i will tell you why weather plays such a key part. >> i'm lawrence karnow in the cbs 5 weather center with lots of sunshine beginning to,,,,,,,,
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>> on the campaign trail, mitt romney refuses to apologize for his controversial comments about 47 percent of americans who do not pay taxes, he says that shows the difference between him and the president. and as danielle nottingham shows us, that is exactly what mr. obama says all so.
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>> mitt romney facing a new challenge in critical swing states. the latest poll of likely voters shows president obama leading mitt romney by six points in wisconsin. the president also leads in virginia by four points and is up by one point in colorado. mitt romney in the south today raising cash and looking to contain fallout from a secretly recorded video. on the tape mitt romney tells donors that it is not his job to worry about votes from the 47 percent of americans who do not pay federal income taxes. but the gop presidential nominee is not backing down from his comments. during interviews and on the stump, mitt romney argues that too many americans rely on the government for economic help. >> we are compassionate people, if there's someone that needs help, we help them and that is why we have a safety net. then government gets out of the way and allows free people to pursue their dreams. >> president obama is spending the day at the white house after
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a fund-raising blitz last night in new york and a visit with david letterman. the president did not pass up the opportunity to remind voters that he works for all americans. >> when i meet republicans, as i'm traveling around the country, they are hard working, family people. my expectation is that you want to be president and you need to work for everyone and not just for some. >> in the coming weeks president obama and mitt romney will square off in three debates, the first in denver. danielle nottingham, cbs news, the white house. >> stocks holding steady thanks to the increase of existing home sales. a live look at the board or you can see the dow is up about 51 points. the rich are getting richer this year. >> the forbes list of wealthy as people in america is out today and if you were rich before then you are probably still rich. leading the pack is bill gates with a net worth of $66 billion followed by warren buffett, he
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has $46 billion, larry ellison came in third with 41 billion and there's one person that is not so rich this year, although he is doing ok, mark zuckerberg of course dropped from 14 spots from no. 14 last year to #36 this year because of his stock situation. >> i don't feel sorry for him, i think he is ok. >> the biggest bridge move in the united states happening right now here in the bay area >> the new milestone for oneself, where doctors performed the first uterus' transplant. >> summer breeze blowing the ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> ok, the pressure is on, lawrence karnow has to deliver a clear forecast on friday morning, the space shuttle endeavor is taking a farewell flight through the bay area skies between 8:30 a.m. and 9:00 a.m.. the big question, will we be able to see it? >> it is all on your shoulders. >> the problem is that we have the fog around here, today the fog was 1,200 ft. so we will see more fog into friday, touch and go on that forecast. if they did it right now it would look great outside. lots of sunshine over the bay
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bridge, looking good now, the sea breeze blowing just a bit outside, temperatures slow to warm up today. 68 degrees in concord and 67 degrees and livermore and 61 in san francisco and 64 degrees in san jose. still some clouds along the coastline, it is going to stay cool too mild in most spots today. and that low clouds and fog likely to make a return overnight tonight but really just minor changes over the next couple of days. it has been all about at sea breeze, low clouds and fog for the last couple days but backing off along the coastline and even in the beach as we have pockets of sunshine but this low has been persistent along the coast. finally going to see headwinds as we go into the weekend, likely cooling the temperature is down even further. as we head around the state you will see warmer temperatures and the sacramento valley 85 degrees, 93 and sunny and hot into fresno, 91 in yosemite and 64 degrees and partly cloudy into monterey. temperatures in the '60s and
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'70s in the south bay, 50s and 60s along the coastline. you have to head inland if you want to see eighties, seventies elsewhere in the livermore valley and 68 degrees in oakland and those temperatures warming up to as high as 62 and cool and breezy into san fransisco. the next couple of days the to mergers warming up a little bit into thursday and friday and then cooling down for the first weekend of fall. tempters headed well below the average. roberta gonzales, our very own roberta gonzales has been on the move to track the biggest historic move of a bridge in history, how was it looking? >> currently 61 degrees, a bit of a breeze out of the southwest at five but i want to give you some proximity to where i am right now. this over here is the existing bay bridge. i'm standing right now on a hinge, between the existing bridge and the brand new bay bridge. there are a couple hundred workers have come here every day to build this bridge. so weather is always a very important to them. to tell us more about that,
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hello, the spokesperson for caltrans, tell us how important is the weather to all these workers every day? >> it is very important to the work that goes on here, there's a big variance, very cold in the morning and it can be foggy in the afternoon. it is perfect right now. >> absolute perfect right now and that is why you decided to take on the huge challenge of this historical move? >> right now we're doing the most difficult part, we're lifting the weight of the south and kurds suspension bridge, 35,200 t of steel and we wanted to make sure that we did that during a time of year when we knew that we would have a decent weather, september and october are great for us. >> i don't think i can feel it moving under my feet right now. >> we're not on the part that is moving and you would not feeling much does that much weight needs to be controlled and move very slowly, we have 30 percent of it on cable's right now. >> these giant cables, they are actually lifting the stand right now? >> yes we have eight crews working here 12 hours every day
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to do the listing, a different jack's lifting different suspension points to get the entire weight up there which will be done in a month and another two months to distribute it. >> you're doing it now because the weather is perfect? >> this is the perfect time. we have a warning, sometimes pleasure boaters go underneath the bridge, with a cruise we have a lot of people out here and it is not the time to go under so we have increased patrols underneath the bridge. >> thank you very much, coming up we will show you some of these cables that are moving this bridge, it is totally awesome. i feel like a kid on the playground. >> you look good, where and at helmet. i love roberta. have fun out there. thanks. in today's health watch, surgeons in sweden say that they have performed the first mother to daughter uterus transplant. doctors say both women in their '30's received a one from their mothers in surgical procedures this week and both are recovering from the procedures.
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doctors want to wait and see if they become pregnant before calling the operation a success. amazing nonetheless. >> speaking of pregnant, a big milestone for a texas septuplet sensation. >> mom and dad can finally welcome home the tiniest of the bunch, a hospital released new video of the babies together, take a look at this picture, three boys and three girls were born in april several weeks premature. doctors transferred baby leah to neonatal intensive care, she is doing good since the hospital center home on monday, can you imagine six days at the same time? >> i would imagine one is tough enough, but sex? feeding, laundry, everything. good luck. >> the hometown heroes from petaluma take the field again.,,
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>> today's tip of the day will be yellow plums. we did tips on them before, they are the dinosaur egg plums, a funny name but the variety is fantastic, three or four weeks it will be gone, we see them at the market in california, so pick them up. let's talk about a collection and storage. when you buy them, look for that
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beautiful yellow color all the way around. if it is a little bit read, that is ok. when they're like this, they're perfect, the skin nice anti all the way through. and fairly firm to the touch. when you bring them home, store them on the counter, not in the refrigerator. because you should buy them when they are fully ripe and loaded with sugar and an enjoy them at home. store them to or three days at most on the counter. you will love them and they're good for you. i am your fresh grocer, always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. that is so good!. >> i have never tasted a yellow plums. coming up tonight at 5:00, yogurt and your blood pressure. the daily amount of yogurt that can get you to a healthy level coming up at 5:00 but now, major league celebrations continue for a little league baseball team out of petaluma. >> last month the oakland a's under the team and today is the
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giants' turn. they finished third in the little league world series in before the game tonight against the rockies, i believe, the giants will bring the team out to celebrate all of their good work and triumph. the last time the a's did it they beat the red sox by 20 runs. >> ok, so they can bring some luck to the giants? >> maybe, >> good for those kids. >> they deserve that celebration. that is going to do fo
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